We are proud to present our freshly launched SVR (Super Vibration Resistant) batteries for trucks and special vehicules.

The new types of batteries are designed for most demanding conditions, they are able to withstand high power consumption as well as highest vibrations when assemlied on the back axis in new trucks.

New products are equipped with special anti-vibration inserts assuring mechanical stabilisation of plate sets in the cells, which results in excellent resistance to heavy road conditions. Moreover, new batteries are enhanced with thicker grids, improved envelope glass mat separation, double-lid labyrinth central ventilation system (lower water consumption) and redesigned, strenghtened cell straps.

All these technological improvements result in extended battery life and give a reliable and powerful product for maximum performance.



Sznajder SVR 185Ah

185Ah 1100A in a D5 (B size) box.
Product code: 685 00





225h 1150A in a D6 (C size) box.
Product code: 725 00





230h 1300A in a D6 (C size) box.
Product code: 730 00

Silver line spreads its wings!

Excellent message for owners and drivers of Asian cars: Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and Mazda! New models of SILVER PREMIUM batteries designed for their cars were recently launched by ZAP Sznajder Batterien, producer of lead-acid batteries for passenger cars, trucks and busses.

Up to now SILVER PREMIUM batteries were offered only for cars manufactured in Europe. As a result of a market research done by Export Department a decision was taken to enrich the product line by adding models for vehicles of Japanese and Korean origin.

SILVER PREMIUM batteries are well known in Western Europe, especially in Scandinavia, where drivers appreciate their high quality and seamless work despite the arctic conditions in the Winter time. Thanks to a very high starting current SILVER PREMIUM batteries are ready to start the engine in any weather.

The knowledge, experience and hard work of factory engineers led to create new 95Ah 850A and 75Ah 750A batteries. Key features of new products, as of all other SILVER PREMIUM types, are: very strong starting power, excellent long-term reliability, enhanced ability to work in high and low temperatures. The technology used for their production guarantees low evaporation of water and 100% maintenance free usage. Up-to-date design and a built-in charging indicator ("magic eye") are worth pointing out as well.

"Our SILVER PREMIUM batteries work very well in extremely harsh weather conditions in Norway, Finland, Sweden or Iceland and we are sure newly launched models will satisfy our Clients not only from Scandinavia, but also from many other countries we export to" - says Grzegorz Janik, Export Sales Director at ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A.






595 50 ZAP





ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A., Polish producer of lead-acid starter batteries for passenger cars and trucks received an honorable mention in the «POLISH COMPANY - INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION» competition. The contest was organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers under the patronage of Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Media support was provided by one of the most influential business newspapers in Poland - «Puls Biznesu».

The gala event, when the winning companies were awarded, took place in Warsaw, Poland, on December 1, 2016. During the ceremony Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister gave a speech about a development of the Polish export and forecasts for the future years. The event was attended by many famous Polish business people.

The award was received by Mr. Grzegorz Janik, Export Director of ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A.

"We are very proud that the Jury appreciated our hard work and effects. It is very motivating to belong to a small group of awarded companies having impressive export results. It encourages us to export even more and to explore new markets in the world." - says Grzegorz Janik

ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. exports 75% of the production to over 50 countries. The company is present with its products in almost all European countries. The sales are realized also to many clients on other continents, e.g. to Singapore, Malaysia, Republic of South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong.

The company offers a wide range of passenger car batteries - the economy line (PLUS), the medium (SILVER) and the premium lines (SILVER PREMIUM). TRUCK PROFESSIONAL batteries, which are proved to work in harsh conditions, are designed for trucks and busses.

The purpose of «POLISH COMPANY - INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION» contest is to promote Polish companies, which work with success on the international scale as either exporters or investors, as well as to show how the international approach to the business can benefit the companies and the economy. All the companies, which base on the Polish capital and which are actively exporting and/or investing abroad could take part in the competition.

More on the «POLISH COMPANY - INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION» website (only in the Polish language).


Grzegorz Janik Export Director | Polish Company International Champion


Polska Firma – Miedzynarodowy Czempion



ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. will be present again on the international automobile trade fair Automechanika in Frankfurt. This year the fair will be held on 13-17 September 2016. We invite all our existing and potential Clients to visit our stand. We will be in Hall 3.0., Stand E98, very close to the entrance to the Hall.

In case you would like to set up a meeting with us please contact our Export Department

See you in Frankfurt!



Automechanika stand



ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. was awarded by the jury of REGIONAL EAGLES OF EXPORT in the cathegory of INNOVATIVE EXPORT PRODUCT. Batteries produced by ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. are being exported to over 50 countries around the world. They work in a hot and in a cold climate. They are being assembled into cars and trucks running in Africa and in the North of Norway. They are present in Europe, Asia, Australia, Central America...

REGIONAL EAGLES OF EXPORT is a part of the export program, which is an initiative of one of the biggest Polish banks «Bank Zachodni WBK» realised with the help of Rzeczpospolita (most influential newspaper among Polish economic elites and political decision-makers), Google, KUKE S.A. (insurance company), KPMG. The program is being authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Development. The purpose of the program is to support Polish exporters with their international expansion.

The award was received by Mr. Grzegorz Janik, Export Director of ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A.

In case you are interested in purchasing our batteries please contact our Export Department



Eagles of Export

Eagles of Export / Orły Eksportu / Grzegorz Janik Export Director


ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. took part at the Automechanika Dubai 2016 exhibition, which was held on 8-10 May 2016. The 14th edition of the Middle East’s premier auto aftermarket trade event attracted 30,000 trade buyers from a 119 countries. With 2,017 exhibitors from 58 countries, the three-day show showcased a greater variety of international participation, product launches, regional debuts and market interaction than ever before.

"Our presence in Automechanika Dubai 2016 was consistent with our export sales strategy.", says Grzegorz Janik, Export Director at ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. "We export to over 50 countries, mainly to Europe, Asia and North Africa. Conducted negotiations and contacts established during the fair will help us to strenghten our sales in the Middle East countries in which we are already in, as well as to access new markets in the region inhabited by over 300 million people."

We would like to thank all who visited our stand.

If you are interested in becoming our Client you are very welcome to contact our Export Department.


ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. Automechanika Dubai 2016


ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. | Automechanika Dubai 2016 | Grzegorz Janik Export Director


ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. | Automechanika Dubai 2016 | Krzysztof Paulus


ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. | Automechanika Dubai 2016 | Krzysztof Paulus | Magdalena Brdoń


ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. | Automechanika Dubai 2016 | stand

ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. | Automechanika Dubai 2016 | Grzegorz Janik | Krzysztof Paulus


ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. | Automechanika Dubai 2016 | stand







Sznajder Batterien support a voyage around the world OdySEA of Wladek Wagner. The cruise will take place on a yacht Phantom IV, which is equipped with reliable SZNAJDER batteries from MARINE and ENERGY series. 

During the following 2.5 years the yacht is going to sail 45,000 miles and visit 68 countries. In 78 stages of the voyage the yacht’s deck will be hosting 1,400 crewmen and even more guests and visitors. The crew will comprise mainly of Polish scouts, but there will also be many other sailors. In one of the stages the voyage will be attended by the blind, and in another, as in the case of passage through Panama, two foster families with disabled children.

The voyage began in Gdynia on October 11, 2014, during a rally of old distingueshed Polish yachts. The return is planned on the day of the grand opening of New Marina in Gdynia in 2016.



The largest automotive trade fair in the Middle East and also one of the largest in the world - Automechanika Dubai – was held at the beginning of June 2014 in the United Arab Emirates.

It was the 12th edition of the fair, this time attended by 1,700 exhibitors from 59 countries. Among them there were also Polish companies, including ZAP Sznajder Batterien, manufacturer of lead acid batteries from Piastów near Warsaw.
Visually interesting and original products presented in ZAP Sznajder Batterien's stand attracted many fair visitors, especially from the region of the Middle East and Arab countries. Representatives of ZAP Sznajder Batterien conducted many interesting conversations with potential clients from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Omen, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Of great interest were ZAP Sznajder Batterien products applicable in cars of Japanese and Korean production. Moreover, the Polish producer unveiled his latest product line - Silver Premium batteries.

Numerous billboards and advertisements of ZAP Sznajder Batterien products can be seen at petrol stations in Dubai

SILVER PREMIUM - already in our offer!

Dear Partners,

we have a pleasure to inform you that we have launched a new line of batteries – SILVER PREMIUM.
These are the best and the strongest starter batteries produced by our company.

Silver Premium batteries are produced in the same reliable Lead-Calcium-Silver Technology as Silver batteries and have all the advantages Silver batteries have, e.g. charging indicator ("magic eye"), 100% maintenance free, improved resistance to lead grid corrosion and improved ability to work in high and low temperatures. What differs them from the current Silver line is a very strong CCA value. This was achieved thanks to improvements made in the lead plates as well as increased weight of the lead in the battery. Refreshed, up-to-date design is surely worth pointing out as well.

By launching the new line we enter the premium battery market. We strongly believe the new line is the right answer to the most demanding Clients, who untill now might not have been able to find in our offer the right battery suiting their needs and were turning into the competitive products. Now we do have a product for them!

We wish you a very successful Winter season!

Export Team Sznajder Batterien