Excellent message for owners and drivers of Asian cars: Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and Mazda! New models of SILVER PREMIUM batteries designed for their cars were recently launched by ZAP Sznajder Batterien, producer of lead-acid batteries for passenger cars, trucks and busses.

Up to now SILVER PREMIUM batteries were offered only for cars manufactured in Europe. As a result of a market research done by Export Department a decision was taken to enrich the product line by adding models for vehicles of Japanese and Korean origin.

SILVER PREMIUM batteries are well known in Western Europe, especially in Scandinavia, where drivers appreciate their high quality and seamless work despite the arctic conditions in the Winter time. Thanks to a very high starting current SILVER PREMIUM batteries are ready to start the engine in any weather.

The knowledge, experience and hard work of factory engineers led to create new 95Ah 850A and 75Ah 750A batteries. Key features of new products, as of all other SILVER PREMIUM types, are: very strong starting power, excellent long-term reliability, enhanced ability to work in high and low temperatures. The technology used for their production guarantees low evaporation of water and 100% maintenance free usage. Up-to-date design and a built-in charging indicator ("magic eye") are worth pointing out as well.

"Our SILVER PREMIUM batteries work very well in extremely harsh weather conditions in Norway, Finland, Sweden or Iceland and we are sure newly launched models will satisfy our Clients not only from Scandinavia, but also from many other countries we export to" - says Grzegorz Janik, Export Sales Director at ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A.






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