Sznajder Batterien support a voyage around the world OdySEA of Wladek Wagner. The cruise will take place on a yacht Phantom IV, which is equipped with reliable SZNAJDER batteries from MARINE and ENERGY series. 

During the following 2.5 years the yacht is going to sail 45,000 miles and visit 68 countries. In 78 stages of the voyage the yacht’s deck will be hosting 1,400 crewmen and even more guests and visitors. The crew will comprise mainly of Polish scouts, but there will also be many other sailors. In one of the stages the voyage will be attended by the blind, and in another, as in the case of passage through Panama, two foster families with disabled children.

The voyage began in Gdynia on October 11, 2014, during a rally of old distingueshed Polish yachts. The return is planned on the day of the grand opening of New Marina in Gdynia in 2016.